Mongolian Foods and Meals

mongolian food information, foods of MongoliaThere’s a common misunderstanding that Mongolians have a very unhealthy diet and live only on meats and dairy products. However nowadays this misunderstanding is slowly fading as more and more tourists visiting Mongolia is getting introduced to it’s modern- balanced diet. Even if you’re a vegetarian there’s no problem about that, modern Mongolia has so much to offer when it comes to food, from non-vegetarian to vegetarian.

Specially with Selena Travel you don’t have to be concerned about your diet restrictions, because, we pay a good attention to our client’s diet and eating habits. Whether you’re a vegetarien or not, our duty is to keep you satisfied throughout the tour and that’s why we work with the best restaurants in Mongolia and try to keep the meals flexible to our clients’ diet restrictions rather than offering what they’re not used to.

mongolian food information, foods of MongoliaWe offer cuisines of the following countries: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Mexican, Korean, Indian, France, Ukrainian and Pakistanian and such. All you have to do is to inform us of your diet restrictions and order what you wish to eat while travelling with us. However if you wish to experience the real Mongolian Traditional food you can consider yourself lucky for travelling with us, we will not only give you the opportunity to experience the cuisine but with us you will also learn the Mongolian Traditional cooking style right on the spot, from the real nomads themselves. Not only that but you will learn the unique method of producing dairy products and Mongolian milk vodka.


Mongolian Traditional Food

mongolian food information, foods of Mongolia Due to the continental cold weather, dry and windy atmosphere Mongolian dishes must contain foods that are high in calories and vitamins and that’s why they use a lot of meat in winter and pretty much dairy products in the summer.
The most common and famous dishes in Mongolia are: Boodog (whole carcass of a goat roasted from the inside - the entrails and bones are taken out through the throat, the carcass is filled with burning hot stones and the neck tied tightly, and thus the goat is cooked from the inside to the outside ), Khorkhog ( meat cooked with hot stones) and last but not least Buuz ( steamed filled pockets with meat ) which is cooked on every special occasions.

As for the drinks most famous ones are Airag ( fermented mare’s milk ), Shimiin Arkhi (further distilled yoghurt) and Suutei Tsai (wild herbal tea with milk and salt ) .

There are over 40 kinds of dairy products or so called Tsagaan Idee by locals which is produced by 3 basic procedures:

1. Boiling with foam
2. Curdling
3. Souring (fermentation)

Sample Recipes: Khorkhog

- Sheep/goat meat
- Vegetables (potatos, carrots, white cabbage, onion, garlic etc according to your taste)
- Round Shaped smooth stones from the river
- Water
- Salt
- Pepper

Mongolian Meals Cooking Method: Cut the meat and the vegetables ( should be washed thoroughly with clean water ) into big pieces. After that put them all together with the stones in the container, season them well with pepper and salt and close the container lid very well and then cook it on open fire till the meat is well done. In the end make sure to put enough water which should fill in the container with steam through out the whole cooking.
Carefully place the hot stones, vegetables and meats when it’s done and when the stones get warmer hold them tightly in your hands passing from one hand to another. This is considered the best remedy for stress and exhaust.